Freedom to Write: Writing Freedom

Is freedom of expression under threat? Freedom – to speak, write, read, create, discuss, travel, cross borders and perform in public – is the holy grail of writers. Freedom is also the foundation stone of the European ideal but assaults on these basic human rights are growing, as are the efforts needed to protect them along with the rights of women, disabled people, LGBTQ+, refugees, immigrants and many others. Individual lives and livelihoods are at stake – these are not abstract notions for most writers. So, how should we defend our freedoms and how do writers reflect these issues, not just in their own countries but in their own lives? Join a panel of star European writers. 

With Magda Carneçi (Romania), Vigdis Hjorth (Norway), Monika Kompaníková (Slovakia), Caroline Lamarche (Belgium) and Mithu Sanyal (Germany). Chaired by Tahmima Anam.

In partnership with English PEN.

Duration 45 min.