Ligija Purinaša


Ligija Purinaša (1991) is a Latvian (*Latgalian) poet and journalist. She is the author of a literary criticism broadcast Kolnasāta programme Kolnasātys gruomotplaukts and journalist at magazine “A12”. Ligija Purinaša is the head of MARTA Resource Center for
Women in Rezekne. In 2019 Purinaša published her debut collection of poems Sīvīte [Woman] that received the Latgalian Annual Culture Award “Boņuks” for best debut and was shortlisted for the Annual Latvian Literature Award 2020 for best debut. A showcase of Latgalian poetry “The Last Model” by three Latgalian poets, including Ligija Purinaša, was published in the United Kingdom by Francis Boutle Publishers in 2020.

*Latgalian language – historical variety of the Latvian language spoken in the Latgale
region of Latvia.