Linda Boström Knausgård

  • Sweden

Linda Boström Knausgård (1972) is a renowned Swedish author who has written poetry as well as fiction. Boström Knausgård has also been an important voice for mental health issues in Sweden, speaking and writing about her own experiences of bipolar disease. Her first published work was the collection of poems Gör mig behaglig för såret (‘Make me pleasant for the wound’) from 1998, but her big breakthrough in Sweden came with the collection of short stories Grand Malthat was published in Swedish in 2011.Her first novel, Helioskatastrofen (The Helios disaster, in English translation by Rachel Willson-Broyles, published by World Editions International in 2015), came in 2013 and was awarded the Swedish Mare Kandre Prize for her unsentimental language portraying the borderline between psychosis and reality. In 2016, she published the novel Välkommen till Amerika (Welcome to America,in English translation by Martin Aitken, published by World Editions 2019), which gained attention in Sweden when it was nominated for the prestigious August Prize for fiction. The novel has currently been translated to 13 languages and has been critically acclaimed both in Sweden and elsewhere. Vanity Fairwrote about Welcome to America:‘A piercing story of a girl who responds to trauma by mustering the most powerful weapon available to her: silence. (…) melodic, mythological, transformative, a testament to literature’s powers…’. Boström Knausgård is from Stockholm, Sweden and currently lives in London.