Manuel Forcano

  • Catalonia/ Spain

Manuel Forcano, poet and translator, was born in Barcelona in 1968. He has translated from Hebrew into Catalan the work of Israeli poets such as Pinchas Sadeh, Ronni Someck and Yehuda Amichai and has also translated Els viatges d’Ibn Battuta (Ibn Battuta’s Voyages, 2005) from Arabic to Catalan, together with Margarida Castells. Furthermore, Forcano has published some essays, noteworthy A fil d’espasa: Les croades vistes pels jueus (The Sword’s Edge: The Crusades Through Jewish Eyes, 2007) and Els jueus Catalans (The history of Catalan Jews, 2014). Forcano’s own works of poetry include nine published books, among which are Com un persa (Like a Persian, 2001), El tren de Bagdad (Baghdad Train, 2004), Llei d’estrangeria (Immigration Law, 2008) and Ciència exacta (Exact Science, 2014). Recently has been published Maps of Desire (Arc Publications, 2019), an anthology of Forcano’s poems translated by the poet Anna Crowe, in what is his first full-length book in English translation.