• Lithuania

Writer, historian and associate professor at the History Faculty Vilnius University. His first collection of short stories The Sleep of Birds (Paukščių miegas) became a 2014 book of the year in Lithuania, as did his 2016 novel Orpheus: A Journey There and Back (Orfėjas, kelionė pirmyn ir atgal). His theatre-based novel, Ch. was selected for the European Union Prize for Literature in 2022. Vaiseta has also written two historical monographs: The Society of Boredom (Nuobodulio visuomenė, 2014) and Summerhouse (Vasarnamis, 2018).

FEATURED BOOK: The Sleep of Birds
. Tr. Jeremy Hill, Strangers Press, 2023. Contemporary Gothic. “So it was that a happy historical coincidence came to be: sex came into my life after the fall of the Soviet Empire.”