• Sweden

Born in Malmö, Tone studied Creative Writing and writes both fiction and non-fiction. Her first novel Trip Reports was published in 2016, hailed by critics as “delightfully rebellious”, “hilarious” and “hard-boiled”. Her first non-fiction book, Tone: Round-Trip Ticket (2022), is a collection of political gonzo essays. Since 2020 she has been a regular cultural columnist on the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. 

FEATURED BOOK: Days & Days & Days. Tone’s second novel, tr. Saskia Vogel, Héloïse Press, 2023. Shortlisted for the EU Prize for Literature and for the Sveriges Radio Prize for Best Swedish Novel 2021. Darkly-comic account of a reality TV star called Bibbs reaching the age of 39 and watching her life begin to crumble around her. Funny, witty, sad and uncomfortable.